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Think Forward Will Enlighten Readers About The World's Heroes

  • Who are the world's greatest civil rights leaders?
  • Who are the world's greatest human rights activists?
  • Who are the world's greatest humanitarians, the people who are forsaking the opportunity to have comfortable, materially successful lives so they can help far less fortunate people and try to make the world a better place?

If you ask similar questions about women's rights leaders and environmental activists, a large percentage of people will also cite a great historical figure who is now deceased. But what if you press people further, what if you ask people to name heroes who are alive TODAY, who are working TODAY to improve the lives of their brothers and sisters, who are making a difference in the world TODAY?

Unfortunately, a large percentage of people will draw a blank if you ask the above follow-up questions. Why is that?

Is it because such people don't exist? Is it because the average everyday North American, South American, European, Asian, African, and Australian just isn't interested in who the world's heroes are? Is it because people just don't care about the battle for human rights?

We here at Think Forward believe the answers to the questions in the previous paragraph are "NO!" Our belief is so strong that we have launched a magazine and website that will feature inspirational and motivational people who are striving to make their communities and the world around them a better place.

"There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why?" Robert Kennedy said in many speeches as he traveled the United States in a presidential campaign that focused on the fight for the rights of people who lacked them. "I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"


Think Forward profiles people who had the kinds of dreams that Robert Kennedy had, people who don't accept the status quo, people who know that there are unfortunate people who don't have the freedom and opportunity that they deserve and are committed to righting those wrongs.

The people Think Forward profiles, though, are not well known. Yes, it's possible that the people we profile have been featured in general interest newspapers and magazines as well as television shows, but those articles are often lost amid a cornucopia of other information. The net result is that millions of readers of general interest publications can name dozens, if not hundreds, of entertainers and athletes, but struggle to name modern-day heroes.

Think Forward's editors believe there is a market for people who are interested in reading about the world's unknown heroes. And we believe that a publication specifically about the world's unknown heroes will increase their visibility among an audience that is so interested in reading about those heroes that the articles themselves will inspire more people to get involved in the struggle for human rights.

Who We Cover:

Think Forward is not shy about the fact that it has an agenda. It doesn't cover heroes who have saved people's lives by preventing a murder or pulling someone out of a burning building. The publication covers heroes who are trying to reduce discrimination against women, minorities, gay and transgender people, disabled people and others. The heroes could be attorneys fighting corporations, people who were discriminated against themselves, or everyday people who have decided to fight for the rights of their neighbors.

Why Covering Heroes Is Important:

Millions of youngsters aspire to play pro sports because the world around them regards pro athletes as successful and admirable. The media is crucial in creating that impression. Think Forward believes that covering human rights heroes can similarly inspire young people to aspire to become more involved in human rights endeavors. What would happen if teachers used Think Forward in classes as a supplement to their lectures about King, Jr. and Gandhi? Decades ago, lessons about current astronauts inspired youngsters to be astronauts. Lessons about human rights heroes could accomplish the same goal.


Think Forward just launched, but it has already found dozens of people around the world who fit the publication's criteria of human rights hero. Some of those articles have been written.

Are you interested in reading about a woman who kept on fighting for democracy and freedom in her native country after being imprisoned for several years and who is now running for president in that nation? What a role model for young women!!

Are you interested in reading about an 84-year-old American woman who right now is still fighting for civil rights after a career that included so many accomplishments that she has been dubbed the "First Lady of Minnesota Civil Rights?" Did you even know that Minneapolis had violent civil rights riots?

Are you interested in reading about a man in Washington, D.C., who has been fighting for gay rights since 1981 -- and continually had to deal with the U.S. Congress overriding the accomplishments he achieved via Washington, D.C. laws? He doesn't even have a Wikipedia bio, but he could become known via Think Forward .

Are you interested in reading about a blind mountain climber and adventurer who has helped numerous blind students climb up most of Mount Everest? What a story!!

Think Forward has just begun the fight to bring attention to human rights, civil rights, women's rights, and disability rights heroes throughout the world. The attention itself could improve human rights throughout the world.

A New Exciting Magazine Is Here...

...Think Forward Will Enlighten Readers About The World's Heroes

Our Mission:

Think Forward's mission is to spotlight people outside the limelight whose good deeds have impacted the world.

Our Publication:

Think Forward is a magazine and website that aspires to make this world a better place by informing readers about extraordinary people who are seeking to right the world's wrongs in such a compelling way that readers will be inspired to also make a greater contribution to their communities.

Think Forward focuses on people who are currently making a difference in the battle for a wide variety of human rights. The publication has separate sections on Racial Equality, Women's Rights, LGBT Rights, Disability Rights, and Human Rights and is planning sections on other topics, including Animal Rights and Environment.

The people we profile come from all over the world and all walks of life. Doctors, attorneys, teachers, government officials and people from all kinds of unexpected backgrounds have had a profound impact on their professions and the world at large. The magazine's writers, and the feature subjects themselves, explain what motivated and inspired them to devote a large portion of their lives to their cause.

The articles also explain the real-life impact the extraordinary people we profile have had.

Contact Us:

Think Forward encourages its readers to tell us about heroes in their communities as well as heroes who are involved in the fight for Human Rights.